Welcome to Robocognito!

/rō bō käɡˈnēt ō/

Robocognito business cardsRobocognito is a Seattle-based start-up specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality applications. Our name is a combination of two words:

  • Robot: A nod to futuristic technology.
  • Cognition: The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

We love VR. We think the completely immersive nature of VR allows people to enjoy experiences they never would have imagined before … to forge deeper empathy for others … to bravely conquer a risk.

We believe that VR is a powerful tool for social good, and we are excited to be facilitators.

Robocognito creates highly customized, innovative VR experiences for organizations providing training and education and mission-driven organizations. These experiences have the potential to provide real-world, authentic training experiences in a low-risk environment.

Our VR experiences are highly customized and provide a rich education and training experience at a cost that is comparable to what organizations are paying for traditional modes of training. Because our experiences provide a safe environment, there is lower risk in instance of trainee failure. In some cases, VR can help people discover sooner if they aren’t a fit for a particular program, before the organization and the trainee waste time and financial resources. This also helps the organization “get the job done” more efficiently.

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