Custom VR Inputs and VR tracked tools

For many line workers, a bucket truck enables access to equipment that would otherwise be impractical or impossible to service. Learning to skillfully operate these devices takes months or years to master, and often involves maneuvering around dangerous energized equipment. Duplicating the controller interface allows training to occur 24/7/365, letting new users gain experience without risk. When coupled with tracked tools like our VR-enabled shotgun hot-stick, we can train for a wide variety of tasks, from hanging temporary insulation and opening fuse cutouts to replacing entire assemblies.

Ongoing training is essential to creating and maintaining a corporate culture focused on safety. Proper training also prevents life-threatening on-the-job injuries.

Robocognito has developed several real-world interfaces using industry standard tools to create dynamic VR training simulations. The bucket controls and hotstick tracked tools allow trainees to build motor-muscle memory while training in dynamic, realistic environments. All without the life-threatening risk associated with making a mistake, or burning any diesel.

At Robocognito, we believe that providing learning opportunities using these kinds of tracked tools in a low-risk environment will enhance operator safety and save lives.