Alchementrix is a color-matching, falling-block game set in a dystopian steampunk alternate history in which Sir Issac Newton rules England using industrial alchemy and his notorious invention: The Alchementrix.


The Alchementrix is a steam-powered behemoth whose gears, pipes and mechanisms are ever present in the background. Players must operate The Alchementrix to refine stone into gold using basic forces: fire (red tiles), water (blue tiles), acid (green tiles) and vacuum (purple tiles).

Players complete puzzles designed to test their ability to manipulate the forces and create directional reactions to unearth the riches hidden in stone. There is the opportunity to amass great wealth. But be warned. Operating The Alchementrix is dangerous and sometimes lethal. 


  • A directional tile game featuring a rotating game board and five elements: stone, water, fire, acid and vacuum
  • Match tile type elements to create reactions that obliterate stone and create gold
  • Clear elements from the game board to power up an array of mechanical, explosive, optical and electrical attacks. Each attack has unique characteristics and exciting visuals.
  • Create your own well contents and tailor the contents of each tile in the drop piece to create challenges and puzzles. Send these puzzles to a friend or upload them to the website for others to play.

Falling tiles

Development status

Alchementrix is currently in development and does not yet have a release date or system requirements. Planned release date is TBD.

If you would like to sign up to play test, please email